May 15, 2018
Marketing / Optimization
Rapid Wheels

01. The Challenge & Solution

I n the sun-soaked paradise of Goa, India, Rapid Wheels stands as a beacon of reliability in the car rental and taxi service industry. With a decade of experience and over 12,000 satisfied customers, this company has transformed from a local favorite to a digital-savvy enterprise. As we delve into their story, we’ll explore how a comprehensive online strategy has propelled Rapid Wheels into the forefront of Goa’s transportation services.

“Rapid Wheels isn’t just a car rental service; it’s our trusted partner in exploring Goa. Their new online booking system has made our trips effortless and enjoyable!”

02. Background

Rapid Wheels represents the evolution of transportation services in Goa’s booming tourism sector. With 10 years of experience in carefully escorting customers to their destinations, they faced the challenge of transitioning their trusted offline service to the digital realm.


03. Service

Specializing in car rentals and taxi services, Rapid Wheels offers a diverse fleet catering to all needs. From regular to premium and luxury vehicles, both automatic and manual, they ensure that every customer finds their perfect ride for exploring Goa’s beaches and beyond.


04. Website Development

Our team crafted a user-friendly WordPress website that revolutionized Rapid Wheels’ booking process. Customers can now easily select pickup and drop locations, rent dates, and choose from available vehicles, streamlining the entire rental experience.


05. Branding and Visual Identity

Utilizing the Adobe Masters Collection, we created a comprehensive business kit for Rapid Wheels. This included a striking logo, informative brochures, and innovative smart QR business cards that allow potential customers to instantly save Rapid Wheels’ contact information.


06. Digital Marketing Strategy

To maximize Rapid Wheels’ online presence, we implemented a multi-faceted digital marketing approach. This included targeted Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp ads, as well as Google Ads campaigns, significantly increasing their visibility to both local and tourist customers.

07. Impact and Future Directions

The launch of Rapid Wheels’ digital platforms has dramatically enhanced their accessibility and booking efficiency. As we continue to refine their online presence and explore new marketing avenues, Rapid Wheels is poised to dominate Goa’s car rental and taxi service market, ensuring that more travelers can explore this beautiful state with ease and comfort.