July 13, 2024
Three Aksha

01. Introduction

I In the vibrant world of Indian folk dance, Three Aksha shines as a cultural beacon in Philadelphia, USA. Founded with a passion for preserving and promoting Indian heritage, this organization has become synonymous with spectacular dance events across the nation. As we delve into their story, we’ll explore how a 15-second advertisement for their flagship event transformed into a captivating 30-second spectacle, capturing hearts in the heart of New York City.

“Three Aksha’s All India Dance Festival is not just an event; it’s a celebration of our rich cultural tapestry. The advertisement in Times Square is a testament to the power of Indian art on the global stage.”

02. Background

Indian folk dance represents the diverse cultural fabric of India, and Three Aksha has become its passionate ambassador in the United States. Their annual All India Dance Festival stands as a pinnacle of their efforts, bringing together performers and audiences in a mesmerizing celebration of movement and tradition.

03. Services

Three Aksha orchestrates a range of Indian folk dance events, with the All India Dance Festival as their crown jewel. The 2024 edition, set to grace Carnegie Hall in New York, promises to be an unparalleled showcase of talent and tradition.

04. Advertisement Creation

Tasked with creating a 15-second billboard advertisement for Times Square, our team embarked on a multi-faceted creative journey. Utilizing five distinct software applications, we crafted a dynamic slideshow that balanced rapid visual transitions with static, legible text – all within the challenging 15-second timeframe.

05. Technology and Creativity

The project demanded expertise in image editing, slide creation, sound design, video editing, and format compression. This technical symphony resulted in an advertisement that not only captured attention but also conveyed crucial event information effectively.

06. Success and Expansion

The impact of the advertisement exceeded expectations, leading Three Aksha to commission an extended 30-second version. This expanded format allowed for an even richer presentation of the festival’s allure, further elevating its presence in the bustling Times Square landscape.

07. Conclusion

Three Aksha’s journey from Philadelphia to Times Square epitomizes the global appeal of Indian folk dance. As we continue to support their digital presence through social media management and content creation, we invite you to experience the magic of the All India Dance Festival 2024 at Carnegie Hall.